[The lobby area in the mirror. Richard, Mary, Kate and Steve are there but Mary has transformed into her teenage self.]

RICHARD: Mary...

MARY: Thank you. You freed me from my prison. But I will never forgive myself for killing you, Richard. So now I must kill myself. Bye, Richard...

[Mary walks a little way off and waits a moment. She clutches her stomach and collapses. Scene change: On the patio, Alex is standing over a sleeping Steve.]

ALEX: Steve... Steve, wake up.

[Steve sits up and sees Kate sleeping a little way off.]

STEVE: Kate...

[Steve and Kate stand up.]

KATE: Steve!

[They hug.]

STEVE: What happened?

ALEX: I called the name.

STEVE: What? "Bloody Mary"?

ALEX: Yeah... I thought it would work. And it did.

[Steve and Kate hug again.]

KATE: So, you ready to go home?

STEVE: Yeah, of course I am.

[Steve, Kate and Alex leave as the mirror is shown.]

1 YEAR LATER: 2007

[Steve's house. Kate walks up the path. Steve is sitting on the sofa. The doorbell rings. As Steve walks up to the door, Kate comes in.]

STEVE: Oh, hi, Kate.

KATE: Hey, Steve...

[A little boy runs through the hall, followed by a little girl.]

KATE: Sometimes, that reminds me of us...

STEVE: Yeah?

KATE: Yeah...

[Amy enters.]

AMY: Oh, hi, Kate.

KATE: Hey, Amy.

AMY: You staying for tea?

KATE: No thanks, I've gotta get going. Otherwise, I'm gonna miss my plane.

AMY: Oh, I forgot, you're going to LA...

KATE: Yeah.

AMY: Okay. See you soon...

[Amy leaves.]

STEVE: Well, little sister, I guess I'll see you soon.

KATE: Yeah...

[They hug. Steve looks into the mirror and Kate stands by the door.]

KATE: So I guess I'll see you when I come back. Okay? Okay...

STEVE: Sorry. Yeah. I'll see you soon.

[Kate leaves. Steve looks into the mirror again.]

AMY: Steve, your dinner's getting cold!

STEVE: Okay, hun. I'll be right there...

[Steve goes into the kitchen, followed by the girl and boy. Shot of the mirror. Mary appears in it and laughs.]