[David, Ryan, Calum, Carmen and Steve are in a graveyard.]

RYAN: Hey, Calum.

DAVID: I can't believe he's gone.

[Leanne arrives.]

LEANNE: Hey, Calum...

[Leanne and Calum hug.]

LEANNE: You okay?

CALUM: Yeah, I'll be okay, thanks Leanne.

LEANNE: Its okay.

STEVE: Hey, girl. He was a great mate to you, Calum.

CARMEN: Yeah...

RYAN: Don't worry, Calum. You've still got us...

STEVE: Ryan, shut up.

CALUM: Where's CiCi?

LEANNE: Um... She's ill. At home... She was too sick to come out.

CARMEN: Plus, she said she couldn't go through with it...

CALUM: Okay... Guys, can you leave me alone for a few minutes? I wanna be alone...

DAVID: Okay, mate.

CALUM: Thanks...

[David, Ryan, Carmen, Steve and Leanne leave. Scene change: They walk across the graveyard. David and Ryan sit down on a bench.]

STEVE: Is that the real reason why CiCi couldn't be here?

LEANNE: Um... Yeah... Of course it is...

RYAN: Yeah, whatever, Leanne.

CARMEN: No, it wasn't the real reason... It was because she couldn't be fucked. And plus, its gym day, so that's where she's heading, I guess...

DAVID: Heartless bitch.

LEANNE: I can't believe Cole died, though. I mean... of shock? Whatever.

DAVID: Yeah... It is a little unbelievable.

STEVE: Guys, that's what he died of. There was nothing there to look like it was murder.

DAVID: Yeah, but I still don't trust it.

CARMEN: Well, guys... I thought I'd better tell you before someone else does.

RYAN: What?

CARMEN: I'm leaving town tomorrow night...

RYAN: Oh, my God... Why?

CARMEN: Because I have a better job, and a better house, in the States. So to be honest... I can't wait.

STEVE: But what about Leanne? And CiCi?

CARMEN: Well, I'll really miss Leanne, and she will be invited over sometimes in the summer, but I don't give two shits about CiCi. She's the one who can get fucked for all I care.

RYAN: Yeah...

STEVE: Leanne. You're sure you don't mind?

LEANNE: No... Why should I?

STEVE: Because now you're stuck with CiCi.

LEANNE: Yeah... I know.

RYAN: Why do you hang around with that bitch anyway?

LEANNE: Because we have to. If... we wanna stay popular...

DAVID: What?

CARMEN: Yeah... Its true...

DAVID: Okay, then. Well, anyway, Carmen, have a good one. And see you around...

CARMEN: Okay... Thanks, Dave...

RYAN: Yeah. See you, Carmen.

LEANNE: Okay, we'd better be off now, we've... got some shopping to do...

STEVE: Okay. Bye, Carmen...

CARMEN: Yeah... Bye, Steve.

[Steve and Carmen hug. Carmen and Leanne leave. Ryan and David stand up.]

RYAN: I'm gonna miss Carmen.

DAVID: Yeah, she was a good mate.

[Calum approaches.]

CALUM: Hey, guys, you ready to go now?

RYAN: Yeah...

[Calum, Ryan and David leave. Steve lingers for a moment before following them. It is shown that the grave which he stands by is Mary's.]