[John's house. Steve and Helen appear.]

HELEN: So this is it?

STEVE: Yeah, looks like it.

HELEN: You ready?


[They go up to the front door and Helen rings the doorbell. John comes outside.]

JOHN: Hello?

HELEN: Hello? Is this John Allen?


STEVE: We were told he lives here.

JOHN: No. I told you, he's not here. Go away.

STEVE: You are John, aren't you?

HELEN: If you are, please don't hide it. We need your help.

JOHN: What for?

STEVE: Its about... Mary Killford.

JOHN: Look. You've got the wrong guy. Please leave.

STEVE: Look. We know you're John. Why can't you help us? Please!

JOHN: Okay. Come in.

[They walk inside. Scene change: They arrive in John's sitting room.]

JOHN: Please sit down...

[John and Steve sit next to each other on a sofa and Helen sits on a different sofa nearby.]

JOHN: Okay... So what do you want to know about Mary?

STEVE: The thing is, we all know about Mary. We know that you and your friends killed her in a fire.

JOHN: No. It wasn't like that...

HELEN: Then what was it like? You must have done something bad to her, otherwise she wouldn't be back.

JOHN: What? What do you mean, she's back?

STEVE: She's back, and we think she's been killing our friends, just like she killed yours...

JOHN: God, you really have done your homework. I was hoping this all would have been forgotten about by now...

HELEN: Well, you might think that... and everybody on the street might think that... but Mary doesn't... and she's back... and got his sister.

JOHN: Got your sister? How?

STEVE: I know this may sound crazy but, em, I think that Mary has some... somehow got my sister in the mirror.

JOHN: What?

STEVE: I knew you wouldn't believe me, but trust me, its true.

JOHN: No, I believe you. That's something Mary would do.

HELEN: Really?

JOHN: You need to get in the mirror with her... and get your sister back.

STEVE: Well, how do we do that?

JOHN: Mary used to have a witch book that she would use for her spells. The legend says that Mary enchanted herself into the mirror. So I'm guessing she would have used that book.

STEVE: What was the book called?

JOHN: I can't remember that.

STEVE: Come on, you've gotta remember.

HELEN: No, Steve. We can find out ourself at at the library.


HELEN: We can find out who was the last to rent it out.

STEVE: Really?

HELEN: Yeah, come on.

[They all stand up.]

STEVE: Thanks for your help, John.

[Helen leaves.]

JOHN: Hurry, Steve... If Mary finds out what you're up to, she will kill faster. And who knows where your sister will go in the mirror?

[Steve leaves. Scene change: Outside John's house. Steve runs down the path. Scene change: Ryan's house. Ryan and David are sitting on chairs outside.]

RYAN: Hey, its getting dark out here, isn't it?

DAVID:Yeah, just a bit.

RYAN: I'm so fucking stoned.

DAVID:Yeah, me too, mate. Right. I'm off now, Ry...

RYAN: Aw, what? You only just got here.

DAVID: Yeah, well... I promised Calum I would come down this evening.

RYAN: Oh, yeah, I forgot. Calum's your best mate, really.

DAVID: No, it ain't like that...

RYAN: Yeah, it is... Calum clicks his fingers, and you come running.

DAVID:Yeah, whatever, Ryan. Look. You're wasted. I'm going now. Maybe you should stay in tonight anyway.

RYAN: Yeah, go on... Go running to Calum.

DAVID: Yeah, whatever... Gotcha. See you in school tomorrow.

RYAN: Yeah, fine. I don't need you to have a good time.

[David leaves. A beautiful girl arrives.]

RYAN: Hey... Come over here, dollface!

[She approaches him and he stands up. She whispers in his ear and turns into Mary. She laughs evily as flies engulf Ryan. Scene change: Steve and Helen run into the library.]

STEVE: Helen, you know what you're doing, so I'm just going to stay here for a bit, okay?

HELEN: Okay.

[Helen leaves. Steve lies down on a sofa and falls asleep.]


[Helen arrives and sits on the other sofa. Steve wakes up and sits up.]

HELEN: Steve?

[Steve stands up and sits on the sofa next to Helen.]

STEVE: What...?

HELEN: You fell asleep. Hey, look, I found the book.

STEVE: Cool... Where did you find it?

HELEN: Somebody gave it to me over the desk, but they weren't going to give it to me...

STEVE: Why not?

HELEN: Because of what happened to Mary, I guess...

STEVE: Oh, right.

HELEN: Anyway, I had a look through it, and it looks like Mary used this spell to entrace herself through the mirror...

STEVE: What's this one? "Black as night... White is light... Make it make this mirror right." What the fuck?

HELEN: She must have used this to put Kate into the mirror... What are we gonna do?

STEVE: We have to use this.

HELEN: What?

STEVE: We have to say this. Its the entrance into the mirror, and we've gotta find Kate before its too late.

HELEN: So what are we waiting for? Let's go...

STEVE: Wait...

[Helen goes and puts the book on the shelf. Steve stands up.]

HELEN: What?

STEVE: We need to get somebody to read this so it works...

HELEN: Yeah, but if you read it, we will still both go into the mirror.

STEVE: Yeah, I know, but... I don't wanna go in alone.

HELEN: But you will have me there with you.

STEVE: Helen. I don't want to be funny, but we need all the help we can get.

HELEN: So what are you planning on doing?