[CiCi and Leanne are in the pool.]

LEANNE: Hey, CiCi. Did you know that I--

CICI: Oh, fuck sake, shut up, tramp. I'm trying to keep fit here.

LEANNE: CiCi... CiCi...

CICI: What?

LEANNE: Your phone's ringing...

CICI: What?!

LEANNE: I said, your phone's ringing!

CICI: Okay, I heard you the first fucking time. Idiot...

[CiCi gets out of the pool and walks across the patio to where her phone is. She answers it.]

CICI: Hello.

[Calum's voice is heard.]

CALUM: Hey, baby.

CICI: What do you want?

CALUM: Other than you?

CICI: *Laughs* Shut up.

CALUM: Nah... I was just, uh, wondering... what you were up to, later.

CICI: Uh... Well... I was planning on having an early night, with a horror flick, and a hot cup of coffee...

CALUM: Oh, right... Okay, don't worry about it.

CICI: Okay. Bye, then.


[CiCi walks back to the pool but her phone rings again so she goes back to answer it.]

CICI: Yeah, Calum, didn't you hear me the first time?

MARY: Its not Calum.

CICI: Then who the fuck is it?

MARY: Your worst nightmare. Remember me, CiCi?

CICI: What? Who is this?

MARY: You don't remember, do you?

CICI: No...

MARY: You called me. Remember? From the mirror...

CICI: *Laughs* Oh, yeah, Mary. Isn't it?

MARY: You got it in one!

CICI: *Laughs* Fuck you, stupid bitch, Carmen. I hate you. Never fucking phone me again.

[CiCi puts the phone down and walks back to the pool.]

LEANNE: Who is that?

[CiCi goes to answer her phone again.]

CICI: Look... bitch...

MARY: No, you look, you little bitch. If you hang up on me again, I'll fucking kill Kate. Who is stuck here with me...

CICI: Wait. What? How did you know that, Carmen? You wasn't there.

MARY: That's because this isn't Carmen, you little bimbo bitch. Now have you ever seen a pretty girl drown? Well, guess what. Today's the day you do...

[CiCi hangs up the phone and runs along the poolside.]

CICI: Leanne, Leanne, get out the fucking water!

LEANNE: No. Fuck you, for a change. I've had enough of you telling me what to do, so go fuck yourself, you stupid bitch.

CICI: No, Leanne, get out the fucking water, I'm serious!


CICI: Leanne...!

LEANNE: Hey, what the fuck...? CiCi, help me!

[Leanne begins to drown. She screams.]


[Leanne and CiCi both scream and Leanne dies.]

CICI: *Cries* Leanne... Leanne...

[Mary appears at the other side of the pool. CiCi sees her and runs off, screaming. Mary runs after her, into the hall. Scene change: Calum's house. Calum and David are sitting on the sofa when Steve and Helen enter.]

STEVE: Guys... Guess what. We need your help.

CALUM: What? What are you talking about?

STEVE: Look. I don't have time to explain, but I really need your help. Come on...

HELEN: Please, guys, listen to him.

CALUM: What are you doing here?

HELEN: Helping... What else?

DAVID: Helping to do what?

CALUM: Oh, no... This isn't to do with the Kate stuck in the mirror thing, is it?

STEVE: Look. I don't have time to explain. Just, come on...

HELEN: Look, you guys... If you were real friends to Steve, you would have helped him.

CALUM: Okay, whatever.

[They all leave and gather in the hall.]

STEVE: Where's Ryan?

DAVID: He's at home, wasted. I think he's probably gone to bed by now...

STEVE: Well. Okay. Where's CiCi?

HELEN: And Leanne...?

CALUM: They're at the pool.

STEVE: Ring her...


STEVE: Just do it, Calum.

[Calum phones CiCi in the sitting room.]

CICI: Hello?

CALUM: Hey, CiCi, are you okay?

CICI: No, Calum, help me. Leanne is dead and Mary is here. There's nobody left in the building. I'm hiding in the toilets.

CALUM: Hey, calm down...

CICI: Look, Calum. Don't tell me to fucking calm down. I need your ass here, now, and fucking help me...

CALUM: Right. I'll be right there.

[Calum hangs up and goes back to the hall.]

STEVE: Well?

CALUM: You were right. Shit, we've gotta go help her...

[They all run out of the house. Scene change: The toilets. CiCi comes out of a cubicle and leaves, going into the kitchen. She leaves the kitchen, heading toward the lockers.]